Back market

Back Market, also known as Jung SAS, is a French ecommerce business founded in 2014 that serves as a middleman between consumers and experts in the reconditioning of electrical and electronic equipment.With offices in Paris, Bordeaux, New York, and Berlin, it will employ slightly over 600 people in 2021.

Back Market serves as a marketplace, providing end users with used equipment that has been professionally recycled, resold in secondhand stores, converted into cash, or returned from supermarkets.

On the website, products from reputable recyclers are highlighted.

According to the corporation, the percentage of sold defective products decreased from 10% to 5% in 2019.

The business, which has operations in seventeen nations, raises 450 million euros in January 2022 on a valuation of 5.1 billion euros 14. The corporation will separate 13% of its workforce, or 93 out of 715 employees, in France and abroad at the end of 2022.

The most valuable startup in France is now Back Market. The platform for used electronics raised $510 million at a $5.7 billion valuation. Back Market has now funded more than $1 billion, including a $335 million round in May of last year. Back Market is unquestionably a reputable marketplace.

Back Market offers the necessary protection for your purchase, whether you need a repair, want a refund, or want to prolong coverage.

All orders are delivered within one business day, however depending on when you place your order, it can arrive even sooner!

Several things to think about

On business days, only our sellers ship (no weekends or holidays)

After 1 PM, orders will be sent the following business day.

From 1,169 reviews, 4,19 out of 5 stars were given to Back Market, indicating that most customers were generally happy with their purchases.

Excellent condition, customer service, and a new phone are mentioned by delighted customers of Back Market the most.

The second-place site for electronic component sales is Back Market.